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On this Pentecostal Monday, I thought what better book to post. This is a big boy, 377 pages. It’s not the type of book you sit down and read through in a couple of sittings. I started this in December. It’s broken down into sections, like Courage, Fear, Love etc…. and then the author uses scripture and stories to talk about that particular topic. I found this to be very uplifting, easy to read and spoke to me in a variety of ways. I have always like Bear Grylls, and now I like it that much more. I don’t rate these books because they hold value for everyone in a different way, but I really enjoyed using this book as a supplement to my morning prayers and would highly recommend this to anyone looking to add to their prayer/meditation routine. Thanks Mark Fonseca and Faith Fonseca for gifting it to me. #happyreading.

Soul Fuel – Bear Grylls