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Killing Jesus. This was something different than I have ever read and I found it very interesting. This is NOT a religious book. It’s basically a history and narrative of the times when Jesus lived. It does not take a side and does not try to convince anyone of anything. It’s an account of his life, what life was like, common practices of the times and what the controlling powers (The Romans) were like. I found it fascinating and very informative and while it doesn’t take a side, it gives great context and dimension to my prayer life. Knowing what the world was like back then really gives me a better understanding of the Bible. I like history, so I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s a niche type of book, so it won’t be for everyone. I give this book a 7.3 and a recommended read. #happyreading

Killing Jesus: A History – Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard