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this book is all about the rise of the sporting goods empire Dicks! and yes, the man who created this company, and his son are both named Dick… Stack. This was a different book then I’m used to reading, and I really enjoyed it. It was extremely interesting learning about how they took the store from a single shop in Binghamton New York, to the 900+ stores they have today. It’s basically a biography of the company. I also gained a new appreciation for the Stack family, who is all about doing the right thing for their communities and I learned a lot about their business strategies, their mindsets, and I can say it’s an easy company to get behind and support. I particularly liked learning about their board and how they grew through venture capitalists and their investments. I also always thought that Model’s was their biggest competitor, but it was actually Sports Authority. I give this book a solid 7.8 and a recommended read. #happyreading.

It’s How We Play the Game – Ed Stack