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This book was all about taking a deep dive into what makes a strategy good…. or bad. It talks about going beyond goal setting by asking in-depth questions about the “what’s” and “how’s” of how a strategy will work; getting extremely specific in breaking down the barriers to success. There was a ton of good stuff in this book, when the author talked in generalities. The problem, for me, with this book was the “case studies” the author used to get his points across. They were really hard to follow, and the point of what the author was trying to get across, was either lost or really difficult to bridge. The cases were also about tech companies and other industries that are really specific and tough for a lay person to understand without trying to uncover their strategies. The writing didn’t have a flow and by the end I was just reading to finish. I could definitely see people smarter than me ( of which there are many) giving this book a higher rating and I wouldn’t argue. For me though this book was a 6.7 and NOT a recommended read. #happyreading.

Good Strategy/Bad Strategy – Richard Rumelt