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Begin Again and a very fitting book to review on Easter Sunday. This book was all about how God speaks to us through life events. Perhaps more specifically how God has supported and saved throughout history and how those scriptures or bible stories might be applied to ones current situations. The book has no “singular” focus like getting through difficult times or how to handle adversity; it’s approach is more general than that. I always find value in books like this and Begin Again is no different. There are several “pearls” of wisdom in here, good short stories and it gives lots to pray on. I have read several of Lucados books and this wasn’t one of his better ones. I don’t rate these types of books because they hold value at different levels for everyone; but compared to other Lucado books, this one isn’t as good. It was like he got a 10 book deal and this was book 8. #happyreading.

Begin Again – Max Lucado