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Be All In. This book was all about how to handle all the stresses and difficulties of raising children and how important sports are or can be in their lives. This book focuses on the importance of playing multiple sports, proper nutrition and teaching kids about proper mindset. I really enjoyed reading this book because it helped me to think about things I normally wouldn’t think about; like what my kids are eating before games, how much rest they’re getting, having them think about things and not just giving them the answers to life‘s questions. I truly feel that this book is going to make me a better parent and a better coach. My oldest son recently went through hockey tryouts, and throughout the entire thing we were concerned about doing the right thing for him, for those of you that know Hockey I’ll just say chasing letters; but after reading this book and really thinking about the importance of not overworking or over stressing my kids I feel that we made the right decision. I would definitely recommend this book and I give it an 8.2 and a recommended read. #happyreading.

Be All In : Raising Kids for Success in Sports and in Life – Christie Pearce Rampone