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This book is all about an entrepreneurial journey through the “tech” world. I had never heard of John Roa or his company AKTA, but it was apparently very successful. I had trouble connecting to this book on a number of levels. It’s really a story about his reckless, risk taking journey while building and growing his company. It doesn’t really go into detail on how he grew and succeeded just that he did, and he could “close” any deal. He goes through his very high stakes, stressful role as the CEO and his ultimate turn to drugs and alcohol to relieve the pressure. In truth, from what he wrote, much of his stress was brought upon himself from bad decisions, winging almost everything and never having a backup plan or contingencies. As great a Closer her was, he was a poor leader. The theme of the book reveals itself at the very end when he pleads for the business community to support leaders and CEOs because they are human and behind a strong facade they are scared and need compassion. It was a mildly interesting story and every once in a while he trips over a good point or something to think about. But this book was largely filled with him talking about his successes and ultimate collapse under the strain of narcotics. I give this book a 5.8 and not a recommended read. Sorry Shea Klusewicz but I thank you so much for the gift, means a lot to me that you thought of me. #happyreading.

A Practical Way to Get Rich…And Die Trying – John Roa