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Partners in Faith: Green Label Title and Alberto Brothers Law Firm

At Green Label Title, we rely on great Partners to provide exceptional home buying experiences for our clients.  Often, these Partners are just names on forms, or voices on the other end of a phone call. For this month’s blog, we wanted to highlight one of our most important partners and make them a little more “real” for all our previous and future home buyers.

Our professional relationship started off in an unconventional place: The “crying room” during our Sunday services! Rodney Alberto and I have kids very similarly aged, so we often found ourselves listening to services from the sanctity of the “crying room”. We both recognized each other from professional events and started a friendship over our love of real estate, helping people accomplish their dreams and bringing honesty and faith to the home buying process. From that point, our friendship and professional partnership took off.

At Green Label Title, we always feel confident in recommending Alberto Brothers Law Firm and Rodney Alberto, to provide our clients with real estate law services.  This is because we have seen Rodney’s ability to connect with his clients, advocate for them relentlessly and bring compassion and patience in clearly explaining terms and forms that can be very complex and foreign to our clients. Recently, Rodney shared with me that he is introducing a new service titled “Special Eyes: Attorney Review TM”, which will provide our clients an option to enlist Rodney’s expertise while concentrating on the attorney review portion of the real estate transaction. This services will drastically reduce the cost of his legal services, while providing peace-of-mind that the contract is legally sound. This is just one example where we consistently see Rodney view himself from his client’s perspective and then take action to provide options to help more people achieve the goal of home ownership.

In discussing this blog and our partnership, I was curious and asked Rodney why he thinks our relationship (professional and personal) has grown so much since those “crying room” meetings and was pleased to hear him describe Green Label Title as trustworthy and accountable. Rodney spoke of our shared faith and that he sees me bring that faith to my daily life, whether it be from humbling accepting constructive feedback and continuing to improve our services or as a CCD teacher in my personal life.  Knowing this shines thru to Rodney as a trusted partner is intensely gratifying. We hope it comes thru every day with each of our clients as well.

Serving all of NJ, just like Green Label Title, Alberto Brothers Attorneys at Law are available for Immigration Law, Real Estate Law and Elder Law & Estate Planning services. They developed the saying “” because it represents each phase of their practice and ultimately their goal to help everyone achieve the American Dream. Truly exceptional people to work with and I’m proud to call them a Trusted Partner.