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Money in the Streets. This was basically an autobiography, where the author uses his life stories to get across some teaching/personal growth ideas. I’ve always known who Barry Habib was, and now I have great respect for the compassionate, caring person he is (at least according to his words) and for the success he has had based on where he came from. There are some good parts of this book, like questions to ask prospects to build rapport, ways to better connect with people and the theme of the book is all about taking care of others first. The problem with the book is that most of it is very basic and elementary. If this were the first personal growth book I read, I might love it; but for someone who reads a lot and really for anyone further along in their careers or skill building, this book falls short. I give this book a 6.6 and NOT a recommended read. #happyreading.

Money in the Streets – Barry Habib