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This book is all about bringing love into the world and being like Jesus. It doesn’t use scripture or pound the reader with biblical stories; the author uses his personal life situations to draw parallels to how Jesus lived and how our life can better mirror that, by becoming love. This book started off choppy; I didn’t know what to expect and I found his parallels tough to connect. However as the book goes on it started to speak to me and draw me in. I found myself trying to look for ways to help others, be kind and compassionate and be more patient. The author is a humanitarian and does a lot for the underprivileged and his stories and things he has done are quite amazing. He has a school to teach witch doctors, yup, witch….. doctors…. how to read and be like Jesus. As I said above this book starts off slow but it finishes very strong and if i’m rating a book on how it affects my life I guess this one did. I was going to give it a low rating but it just grew on me, so I give this book a 7.2 and a recommended read. #happyreading.

Everybody Always – Bob Goff