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This was an amazing book. Noteworthy, and yes I took notes. As you can imagine this book is all about how to build and MAINTAIN new habits. It follows the path of the Habit Loop (another good book) and the four stages, cue, craving, response, reward. It talks about changing your systems not just your actions to achieve results. His system suggested revolves around 4 Laws; Make it Obvious, Make it Easy, Make it Attractive, Make it Satisfying. The author also gives good tips on how to accomplish each of these and adds in a few stories and examples to support them. I love that this book was easy to follow, it was written as an easy step by step process book that’s not “over ones head” or difficult to understand, as some other habit books can be. Keep it simple, and this book does that. I would have liked to see some more references to”studies” done and it gets a little redundant at the end, but nothing crazy. I give this book a 9.1 and a highly recommended read. #happyreading.

Atomic Habits – James Clear