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30 Second Solution. This is a self help book that’s main idea is taking 30 seconds before you do anything that would be detrimental to your life and goal. For example: before getting angry take 30 seconds to ask yourself if it gets you closer to your goals or if it would be beneficial. It touches on positive thinking, the power of words and changing our self talk. There were definitely some good points and takeaways this book offers. A friend once told that if I take anything away from a book it was worth it, so to that end this achieved that. This book also had a spiritual element to it which I always love. The downside of this book was it was soooooo redundant. It was 210 pages and could have been half that. Plus the author is a bit pompous and self promoting at times. I think this would have been a fantastic article. When I compare this to other self help books it pales in comparison and is very basic for long stretches. For those reasons I give this book a 6.6 and NOT a recommended read. #happyreading.

30 Second Solution – Ron Kardashian